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We, Timothy Christian Huynh (1954) and Priscilla Christian Huynh (1959), are Vietnam-born Chinese who now are U.S. citizens and live in Texas, USA. We do not identify with the Christian denominations in the world, but rather belong to the Church of God and Jesus Christ per biblical description. We believe that we are saved through our faith in God’s grace and do not solely rely on our ability to follow the commandments for our salvation. Therefore, we truly repent of our sins, completely believe in the atoning death of the Lord Jesus Christ, and wholeheartedly obey the commandments of God. Together, we live a new life in Christ and worship God. Our goal is to help others know about Him as well as to sin no more by keeping God’s commandments.

The obvious truths of God’s Word saved us from all the unbiblical doctrines, theologies, and authorities of the man-made churches which bear the Lord’s name but do not teach the truth of the Bible.

We preach the Word of God on the internet using this web site in English and our other web sites in Vietnamese [1]. We preach to our Vietnamese Church in a Paltalk Chat Room every week. Currently, we are working on a new, literal Vietnamese translation of the Bible. Additionally, we are writing other books and Bible Commentaries in Vietnamese to bring the knowledge of the Word of God to the Vietnamese Church. Here is the list of books that were written. Few are printed, few are e-books, and most are in PDF format; all of them are free:

  • God
  • Man
  • The Church
  • The Seven Callings from the Lord
  • The Commandments of God
  • The Truth About Speaking in Tongues and Laying Hands
  • The End of The World According to the Bible
  • The Ideas of the Day – Book I
  • Questions and Answers – Book I
  • Commentary on the Book of Revelation
  • Commentary on the Book of Galatians
  • Commentary on the Book of Ephesians
  • Commentary on the Book of Philippians
  • Commentary on the Book of Philemon
  • Commentary on the Book of James
  • Commentary on the Book of I Peter, II Peter
  • Commentary on the Book of I John, II John, III John
  • Commentary on the Book of Jude

We are planning on translating these books into English beginning with: “The End of The World According to the Bible” and “Commentary on the Book of Revelation.” The updated translations will be posted on this web site chapter by chapter, book by book. After all, that is the reason why we made this website.

We are living in Texas with our daughter, Grace Christian Huynh (1996), and our son, Jay Christian Huynh (1998). They minister to young Christians through their own web sites:

We spend the majority of our time for our ministry, so we are not working to earn a living. However, we trust in God to provide for our needs and our ministries. He provides for us through the offerings from His people who listen to, read, and are touched by our sermons and the content on our web sites.

May God’s love, grace, and fellowship be with every one of us, and we shall be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!



[1] http://timhieuthanhkinh.net/gioi-thieu-cac-trang-mang/

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